Colloquium announcement

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department Design, Production and Management
Master programme Industrial Design Engineering

As part of his / her masterassignment

Y.J. Heijs

will hold a speech entitled:

Schiphol’s Information Depicted — Visual Language Explained

RoomHR N109


Connecting the Netherlands with the rest of the world, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol contributes to the cultural and economic prosperity of the Netherlands. To develop Schiphol into Europe’s most prominent and preferred airport, continuous improvement is a necessity. To achieve this goal, it is important to closely consider the needs of the travellers. Communicating these needs within the complex organisation of Schiphol—consisting of different departments with their own goals, responsibilities, activities and expertise—is a challenge. 

This project concerns the activities of one of these departments: The department of Market Research & Intelligence (MRI). The MRI collects daily all types of data concerning the airport, this data is shared with other departments. Reading the collected textual data is time consuming for retrieving relevant information, thereby, significant information can be overlooked which results in ineffective use of this collected data. Recognising the inadequate use of this data, the MRI set out to explore visual solutions that would easily give better insights and accessibility to this data. 

The core of this project is to evaluate and to improve MRI’s already utilised visual solutions (data visualisation). This project gives MRI insight into the principles of visual communication through means of text, imagery and composition. These design principles not only provide MRI with the capability of making their information more concise and less straining, but also permits them to facilitate the mental process of the other departments that make use of this data.  

Additionally, various solutions are developed to further standardise MRI’s visual communication. This standardisation allows the MRI to be self-sustaining in generating clear and communicative data. With the data now more accessible, there can be enhancement in the other departments’ processes, products and services. And subsequently, the needs of the travellers can be more closely and carefully considered. This is a positive contribution in strengthening Schiphol’s position amongst its competition.