Colloquium announcement

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department Design, Production and Management
Master programme Industrial Design Engineering

As part of his / her masterassignment

Robin van Sloten

will hold a speech entitled:

Going towards e-waste reduction: A framework for the designing, disassembling, recycling and retrieving of (rare) materials in waste electric and electronic equipment



Over the past few years, mankind has been using increasing amounts of rare, expensive, and toxic materials in electronic devices with relatively short lifespans. Moreover, these materials are used in ways that do not facilitate easy retrieval, what results in an increased demand for virgin materials and the associated processing thereof. This leads to an increase in dangerous and polluting processing activitities and rapid depletion of mines, while the electronic waste is piling up.

In this thesis, a framework has been composed for assessing and improving electronic products in four different dimensions of circular economy. Each step resulting in a more sustainable product.

This framework has been applied to several different products of maxon motor, to discover where they currently stand and how they can become more sustainable. The result is a series of design and business suggestions which could be implemented by maxon motor.