Colloquium announcement

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department Design, Production and Management
Master programme Industrial Design Engineering

As part of his / her masterassignment

Melissa Smeets

will hold a speech entitled:

Subjectivity in validation processes of new packaging materials



In more than 100 countries, JDE coffee packages end in shopping bags. All these products have to be packed to inform the consumer and to be able to preserve, protect and transport the coffee.
Currently, a change in packaging suppliers takes place at JDE: long-term relationships with suppliers are ended and possibilities are opened for new suppliers. We all know the importance of validating an idea before committing to getting it built. However, ‘Ideas are simple, implementation is hard’, is a known phrase at the factory of JDE. The goal of this research is clear:

Improve the validation process of new packaging materials by making a guideline to ensure the quality, run-ability and stability of the material and the supplier.

An analysis is made of how material- and supplier validation processes can be improved. As this research is commissioned by the factory, the focus of the improvement is on the validation trials.
However, the challenge is to take it one step further and improve the validation process on a higher level. A better understanding is needed between the factory and other departments involved in the implementation of new packaging materials.
The proposed solution is a validation model, with three sub-goals. In contradiction to many other models, this model does not eliminate subjectivity, but explains it with data and measurements where possible. Validation processes are complex, unpredictable and subjective and there are many different types of validation processes. Therefore, subjectivity is actually needed to make the right decisions. The model provides a guideline to cope with subjectivity and the users are challenged to still tackle problems with their own insight.