Colloquium announcement

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department Design, Production and Management
Master programme Industrial Design Engineering

As part of his / her masterassignment

Gokhan Sonmez

will hold a speech entitled:

Immersive technologies in NPD

RoomOH 111


Virtual reality, a trending topic which has been gaining increasing awareness and recognition lately. It is one of those technologies anticipated to lead to disruptive changes in society in the upcoming years. In the year 2020 it is anticipated to become adopted in mainstream society, which suggests that starting research on the matter in a timely manner is crucial. Research is being done on application areas and technology potential by numerous start-ups and large corporations, aimed at identifying the ways in which these technologies can be exploited in the best ways possible. Its value-adding applicability is thought to be found in the sectors of manufacturing, education, healthcare, military, entertainment, media and many more. 

In this thesis project, an attempt has been made at identifying the ways in which these technologies can be exploited in an innovative, user-centered product development context, as means of tools, to facilitate cooperation in a communicative manner. For this, the current design methodology has been explored, the technology potential has been assessed, application opportunities have been investigated in a co-operative manner and the implementation process for such an opportunity has been elaborated upon. The proposed solution is one in which a platform reduces the distance between the company at hand and the (potential) consumer digitally, where AR-based digital experiences are proposed to the consumer in the fuzzy front-end, in order to learn from during development and steer accordingly. The thesis ends with a roadmap, illustrating the theoretical framework for the research process and recommendations for future activities and research.