Colloquium aankondiging

Faculteit Engineering Technology

Afdeling Design, Production and Management
Master opleiding Industrial Design Engineering

In het kader van zijn/haar doctoraalopdracht zal

Janny Christina Haitsma-Wolters

een voordracht houden getiteld:

Helping IJslander BV. in transition towards a Circular Economy.



World’s material stock is limited and running out quickly by all human activities, therefore the way society is using materials in a linear take-make-waste structure needs to change. A profitable and sustainable solution could be implementing Circular Economy principles within producing companies, this replaces a more traditional linear economy (take-make-waste). Within the Circular Economy, materials are kept in cycles (for example reused), to maintain value. IJslander, a company which designs, produces and sells stainless steel sport- and playground equipment for outdoor use, desires to make this transition towards Circular Economy. In this study, an answer to the following question is found: how to help IJslander BV. in the transition towards Circular Economy?


An analysis is performed which showed that some direction within the Circular Economy was missing. Therefore to answer the main research question, a Business Model is created to define the desired future position of IJslander relative to Circular Economy, and guidelines for every department are developed to achieve the goals of that scenario. To help to implement these guidelines, some tools are created or advised. One of these tools is an ‘After use’ tool, which helps the Engineering department to consider the after use possibilities of a product during design.