Colloquium aankondiging

Faculteit Engineering Technology

Afdeling Design, Production and Management
Master opleiding Industrial Design Engineering

In het kader van zijn/haar doctoraalopdracht zal

Rutger Jan Pull

een voordracht houden getiteld:

Cloud based predictive maintenance to improve performance in automated welding machines



A literature research is conducted on the specifics of industry 4.0. It is found to have specific requirements but is still very broad, such that many applications fall in its domain. A machine engineering company is analysed and together with the literature analysis an industry 4.0 application is selected to best fit the machine engineering company: predictive maintenance. A literature research is conducted on maintenance principles in general and predictive maintenance in specific. Together with the industry 4.0 research design guidelines for cloud-based predictive maintenance are established.

A functional design is created on system level for a cloud based predictive maintenance application for the machine engineering company. A workshop to determine the most viable component in AWL machines is conducted with the machine engineering company experts which finds cable packages on robots most suited. The design is evaluated and is shown to meet the demands for an industry 4.0 application.