Colloquium aankondiging

Faculteit Engineering Technology

Afdeling Design, Production and Management
Master opleiding Industrial Design Engineering

In het kader van zijn/haar doctoraalopdracht zal

Jorien Eline Alers

een voordracht houden getiteld:

The development of a Project-Specific Configurable Process Mechanism



This research was conducted at KLM X, a team of the department Operations Decision Support. KLM X is improving the turnaround process at Schiphol by developing ideas and testing them in the live operation in a paced way. The team has setup their own methodology, called the X Way of Working, which is based on the method Design Thinking.

Research is done into the current status of KLM X, how they work on their projects and the expected scaling up of the department. Difficulties faced by the team are explored which showed that decision-making proved to be difficult for the Product Owners. Criteria for the decisions are unclear which causes the Product Owners to make decisions based on their implicit knowledge. As a result, decisions are often subjective. Structured, standardised processes are required to enable scaling up the department. However, the type of projects of KLM X are various, and this variety needs flexible processes to ensure a good fit with the project. Standardisation and the required flexibility contradict each other in the problem statement of this research.

Research was conducted on how to structure the decision-making process while taking into account the variety of projects that KLM X encounters. As a result, a mechanism has been developed to create Project-Specific Configurable Processes: the PSCP-mechanism.

The PSCP-mechanism configures project-specific processes. Based on the type of project, the mechanism creates a process containing the relevant process steps, including the relevant requirements, the Business Owners and Operational Stakeholders. Decisions about the process are thereby made by the mechanism which results in objective, consistent decision-making. The database of the mechanism is adaptable, ensuring a good fit in the future. This adaptability enables the mechanism to be used by other departments at KLM as well. Recommendations are described on the further development and the implementation of this mechanism.