Colloquium aankondiging

Faculteit Engineering Technology

Afdeling Design, Production and Management
Master opleiding Industrial Design Engineering

In het kader van zijn/haar doctoraalopdracht zal

Bram Norp

een voordracht houden getiteld:

The role of intuition in product design



There seems to be no doubt that intuition plays an essential role in Industrial Design Engineering and in the advancement of human knowledge in general. Yet, there is very little understanding of what intuition is and what it exactly does. This research focusses precisely on these two matters. First, by exploring the nature of intuition from a philosophical perspective which allows a general understanding of intuition and its role in product design. Secondly, by verifying and expanding these insights with the help of 15 interviews with various designers. As it turns out, intuition has at least four different roles in het design process.

Last but not least, this theoretical understanding of intuition and its role in design led to the development of several techniques and guidelines that stimulate and support the use of intuition in the design process. During a series of tests with four different designer-groups these techniques and guidelines have been put to the test. The end result are four distinct intuitive design techniques accompanied by seven guidelines.