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Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department Design, Production and Management
Master programme Industrial Design Engineering

As part of his / her master assignment

Kamoen, C. (Ceri)

will hold a speech entitled:

Design of a Digital tool for Twente Milieu to Promote Better Waste Separation

RoomMicrosoft Teams


This thesis presents the research and development of an intervention design for the citizens of Twente. The aim of the intervention design was to reduce the collected residual waste in Twente Region. The intervention was particularly, designed for Twente Milieu, the project provider, which has the goal to reduce the residual waste of citizens of Twente Region of an average of 114 kg’s to a maximum of 50 kg’s per person per year in 2030.


The intervention design is based on five perspectives in recycling behaviour: (1) waste management strategies, (2) psychological theories and models in operation of behaviour, (3) the effectiveness of strategies that promote recycling behaviour, (4) factors that influence recycling behaviour and (5) types of resistance can occur from citizens and strategies to reduce this.


The analysis of these five perspectives and the application in Twente Region has been bundled in the development of a user profiling framework. The intervention and resistance strategies have been analysed to choose one fitting strategy for a design case. The design case is developed based on Self-Determination Theory’s extrinsic regulated user profile. Based on the environmental alteration intervention strategy, the design case shows the full potential of the user profiling framework. 


The result of the design case is an extension of the original smartphone application of Twente Milieu.  The prototype of the application was deployed and was evaluated by experts and potential users. The recommendation in this thesis is to implement the adjustments, test the new version with externally motivated citizens of Twente Region and implement the extension of the original application.