Colloquium announcement

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department Design, Production and Management
Master programme Industrial Design Engineering

As part of his / her master assignment

Verma, J. (Jatin Verma)

will hold a speech entitled:

Redesigning the Delmia workforce planner mobile application to improve its usability and the UX flow.



The increase in smartphones in daily lives has exponentially accelerated the mobile application market's growth in the last decade. Mobile apps are popular in the corporate sphere as well as for socializing. It is now a tool that can be employed to develop a business. Mobile apps have become essential for companies to optimize their operations and attract more customers. The companies use mobile apps for their day-to-day operations, like planning their workforce. The workforce planners help the organizations in job scheduling and tracking the workforce. It helps in assigning the employees most efficiently and effectively.

With the basic knowledge of UX design and coding, an app can be designed and developed but to be valuable and successful, mobile apps must be designed with the user's needs, the context of use, and preferences in mind.

Delmia Workforce Planner Mobile is a product of Dassault Systems, which allows employees to request leave and schedule changes. It enables the employee to overview their schedule for the coming weeks and manage their activities accordingly. The current mobile app does not fully support the customers' needs, is not up to the latest UI design standard, and is off-brand. This indicates many opportunities to improve and design an entirely new mobile experience.

This assignment focuses on designing and developing a new mobile application for DELMIA Workforce Planner while keeping the usability aspect in mind. The research aimed to understand the workforce planning system and then explore user experience to improve the app's usability. The methodology used to analyze the current app and the market helped find the critical aspects that help design a better and valuable app. Experts further reviewed the redesigned app. The result for the same is presented in the thesis. The final version of the app was delivered after making the final iterations based on the feedbacks of the expert.