Colloquium announcement

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department Design, Production and Management
Master programme Industrial Design Engineering

As part of his / her master assignment

Westerveld, C.E. (Claudia)

will hold a speech entitled:

Generative design: Recommended actions to smooth the way for SME's to produce generative designs with FDM



Generative design is a new method that allows designers and engineers to insert certain constraints and parameters in a CAD(Computer-Aided Design) programme. This information is used by the software to generate a variety of CAD models adhering to all constraints and formed in various compositions without intervention by the designer. Using this process can result in quicker, more structurally sound, and less conventional designs compared to the traditional design process. This study assessed if generative design can already be used in combination with FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling) by SME’s(small and medium-sized enterprises). A combination of literature research, market research and research into current CAD software was used to answer this question.
Results indicated that the current state of generative design is not viable for SME’s to use and include in their current design process. The research question was changed to answer the question of which actions are required to make generative design viable for SME’s in combination with FDM. The result was a roadmap that shows all actions that need to be taken before generative design can be incorporated. The conclusion is that generative design is not yet viable in its current state and time is necessary to complete the actions in the roadmap. Future work is necessary to see if these actions aid in the progress of incorporating generative design in the design processes of SME's.