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Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department Design, Production and Management
Master programme Mechanical Engineering

As part of his / her masterassignment

Hai Zhu

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The new industrial revolution is emerging, termed as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Many countries and regions are making strategies to ensure that their industries transit to the new production paradigm, such as Smart Industry in the Netherlands, Industry4.0 in Germany, China Manufacturing 2025 in China, and Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition in the USA. In this changing business environment, companies in the Netherlands need to understand the possibilities of Smart Industry in order to determine the best possible strategy for implementing it. For this aim, there is a need for tools and models to guide them.

In this context, this thesis developed the Smart Industry Maturity Model (SIMM) as a tool to aid industry in identifying the status of their processes and technologies in relation to Industry4.0 and Smart Industry, and help them to develop a strategy to achieve a transformation. SIMM consists of two parts: the SIMM canvas, and SIMM maturity questionnaire. SIMM maturity questionnaire determines the extent to which a company has implemented the business and production processes that are compatible with the Smart Industry paradigm. The SIMM canvas supports companies to identify Value-Added Points (VAPs) in their processes where improvement can be made by implementing Smart Industry technologies and methods.

SIMM has been developed based on a literature study examining different strategies (Industry4.0, Smart Industry), business models and maturity models. Then SIMM has been evaluated with field tests by interviewing companies. It is concluded that Smart Industry Maturity Model could help companies to identify the status of their processes and technologies, and help them to develop a strategy for the transformation in terms of Smart Industry.