Colloquium announcement

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department Applied Mechanics
Master programme Mechanical Engineering
Report online: 73284

As part of his / her masterassignment

R.V. Sanders

will hold a speech entitled:

Simulation of a prototype heave compensation system

RoomHR N109


For the last several years the offshore industry has set a trend towards engineering at increasing operating depths. This goes along with operating in various sea states, which increases the demand for motion compensation systems. Traditional compensation systems are considered inefficient in terms of energy consumption. Therefore, a more energy efficient solution to the heave problem is introduced. This concept is rather complex due to the many different components, each with their own dynamics. To that end, mathematical descriptions of the various subjects concerning the heave compensation problem are derived and implemented in a simulation model. The model is used to prove the concept and to predict dynamic behaviour of the system. Validation of the simulation model is required, since it contains several simplifications and assumptions. To that end a prototype heave compensation system is designed and realised. The prototype is validated in a test environment that represents the heave problem on scale, without loss of generality.