Colloquium announcement

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department Design, Production and Management
Master programme Industrial Design Engineering

As part of his / her masterassignment

Marko van der Burgh

will hold a speech entitled:

A new product geometry verification approach to improve the current product development process of new Male Grooming devices



In some occasions Philips products are returned by customers, due to technical malfunction of the product. These market returns are analyzed for root causes. After finding the root cause, design improvements are implemented. This late detection and repairing of the product leads to cost of non-quality in the complete value chain.

By improving the product verification process, problems can be prevented instead of detected after industrial release or market introduction.

3D measurement technology is successfully used, but only after an issue has occurred after industrial release or market introduction. By case studies, the potential benefits of using 3D measurement technology during a running shaving project has been studied.

The potential benefits of using 3D measurement during the product development process of Male Grooming devices will be emphasized. In this research, during case studies, non-conventional geometric verification hardware- and software tools are used in a unique combination, yielding better and easier-to understand (measurement) results when geometric verification is done on small and complex geometric forms.

Recent developments in dimension definition (Model Based Engineering) has proven to provide added value related to the geometry verification approaches used in the current way of working within Male Grooming. With a case study the potential benefits of this dimension definition approach in combination with 3D measurement will be highlighted.

A recommendation is provided for the future steps to implement the new way of working within Philips Male Grooming.