Colloquium announcement

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department Applied Mechanics
Master programme Mechanical Engineering

As part of his / her masterassignment

lennard Mulder

will hold a speech entitled:

Applied Frequency-Domain System Identification in the field of Experimental Modal Analysis

RoomHR N109


Within VDL ETG, the Structural Dynamics competence is responsible for the research to the dynamic behaviour of the fabricated products. As clients handle over more and more responsibility for the design improvements of entire systems, there is a need to streamline the process of this investigation.

In this thesis the data acquisition is streamlined by means of a GUI which saves the measurements to a structured dataset. Furthermore a user-friendly system identification algorithm is developed to identify the modal parameters of the system and correlation analysis is performed to quantify the quality of the fitted modal model.

The developed algorithm is applied to two systems of which both simulated and measured datasets are used and the estimated models show good correlation. All of this knowledge will enable the Structural Dynamics competence at VDL ETG to perform full experimental modal analysis in a more convenient and efficient manner.