Colloquium announcement

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department Design, Production and Management
Master programme Mechanical Engineering

As part of his / her masterassignment

Colin Cornelis de Pijper

will hold a speech entitled:

Standardized, Modular and Robotic technology for moulding process at Vernay

RoomHR N109


A recent trend that occurs in many companies and industries is lean manufacturing and process autonomy, which are also strived for at Vernay Oldenzaal. In order to bring down production costs Vernay aims at process autonomy to reduce the relative amount of manual labour per product. At this moment an individual operator is assigned to every machine during production, leading to high costs per product.

The challenge is to insource the automation solution for amongst others loading, unloading, and cleaning the moulding machine. In future scenarios the production within Vernay uses robots to load, unload, clean and remove sprues from the injection moulding machines. They must be designed such that they are able to switch quickly between the relatively short production series without changing all components. Therefore the robots have custom designed end-of-arm tooling for handling the product-specific tasks. Furthermore interaction exists between the moulding machine, robots and human co-workers to enable switching production processes quick- and easily. This report provides a generic method for automation which is applied to the product portfolio of Vernay. It is started with a thorough analysis of several characteristic production processes to set the requirements for the automation solution, up to a detailed description of both the modular hard- and software. Due to the modular design, Vernay should be able to respond to changing markets quick- and easily. The final result is an instruction manual that Vernay can use to apply this method to new products without having to reproduce the entire report.