Colloquium announcement

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department Design, Production and Management
Master programme Industrial Design Engineering

As part of his / her masterassignment

Joost Haar

will hold a speech entitled:

The design of a system to enhance equipment care in a food retail environment

RoomOH 110


Philips Lighting is a global company and innovation leader in LED and connected lighting. The vision of Philips Lighting is to go beyond illumination and to make cities more liveable, transform office space and enhance the shopping experience. In light of this, Philips Lighting is looking to expand their view from products to systems and services. Trends and developments in the market enable technological innovations that open up new chances for Philips Lighting to grow in the future. Taking care of equipment in food retail environments is one of these chances.


This project is a study to gather information on what product or service Philips Lighting could develop to enhance equipment care for this target group. In order to seek workable solutions that solve problems experienced by the actual user, a user centred approach is maintained throughout the project. The different stakeholders are identified, and their jobs, pains, and gains determined. Desk research, surveys, user interviews, and other research methods helped to gain an understanding of the current situation of store managers, maintenance managers, and service engineers. This led to the insight that equipment care could be enhanced by solving two key problems: The conversion from data to actionable insights, and the communication between the different key stakeholders. An iterative process with the stakeholders led to the development of a system with two separate, yet integrated apps that help small and midsize retailers to improve the equipment care. The functionality and desirability of the apps were evaluated with potential users.