Colloquium announcement

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department Emerging Technology Design
Master programme Industrial Design Engineering

As part of his / her master assignment

Mart Rozema

will hold a speech entitled:

Establishing a development method for packaging innovation to be used by food processing companies



Small and medium sized food processing companies generally have extensive expertise in food production and developing food products, but expertise in packaging development is missing. Although being a large cost component and a critical marketing tool, packaging has a minor and passive role in their product development process. A structured method is developed that supports food processing companies in packaging development with the food product as starting point. The method has a low threshold for use and provides support during the whole development process, making it an applicable method for food processing companies. Although the whole packaging development process is addressed, the focus is on quick but thorough establishment of feasible concepts. Finally, as a case study to illustrate the proposed development method, the development process of a salmon packaging project is described.